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Seamless Approach

Starbic Online Company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and it is an umbrella covering a whole lots of businesses spanning from Website Development, Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Bulksms Gateway, Classified Business Directory, Thousands of Website Themes/Templates and Scratch Card Printing Services.


Starbic Hosting packages enable developers to tap into the benefits of a number of languages, such as PHP and Perl (Linux), ASP and ASP.NET (Windows) but especially Ruby on Rails which enables the creation of applications for sites to be very efficient for the end user. This truly is a seamless automated approach which works fast and effectively for our wide range of customers.


Our Services

Business Solutions / Managed Hosting.

At Starbic Online, we provide cost-effective Linux and Windows web hosting. Our hybrid control panel, combining Linux and Windows based hosting under one easy to use system and Ruby on Rails support, adds to the appeal.

All our hosting packages include great features built in to one easy to use control panel- It has the ability to install, provision email accounts and databases. The whole experience is quick and easy and truly puts the customer in control.

Why We Are Different

Import web sites from other control panels

You can import your web sites from existing control panels, such as Helm and cPanel. These import tools make it very easy to migrate to our web hosting service.

Developer Language Options

With an infrastructure fully supporting the latest and greatest innovations of your favourite server-side programming languages including PHP, Perl, Python, ASP.net, ‘classic ASP’ and Ruby on Rails. Our web hosting services are built from the ground up with web developers in mind.

We’re up to speed with the forever changing web technologies and understand the necessity to remain up-to-date so that developers can evolve their projects without boundaries.

Hybrid Control Panel

Our feature rich web based control panel allows you to create an account for Linux based hosting (best for PHP and MySQL) or Windows based (ASP.NET and MSSQL). This makes it easy to manage your estate of hosting accounts, even if they are running on different technologies.

The control panel is where day to day operations are carried out, for example adding new e-mail accounts, FTP account or viewing web stats for your domains.

Website Design & Development.

Website Design

Starbic Online has launched a website development campaign to enable everyone easily get a website for their organizations. The website is going to be content rich, very responsive and database driven. It will be Desktop/Mobile device friendly web application.

By coupling the latest trends with the best practices, we deliver high quality web design & development services that produce premium websites that can stand as public images for companies and brands anywhere in the world.

Responsive Design.

As smartphones and tablets continue to flood the markets, the need to have a website that looks great & functions well on all devices cannot be over-emphasized.

Our web design & development services deliver responsive websites that tailor the user’s experience based on the device being used. Responsive web design technology allows us to create mobile, tablet , and desktop versions of your website all based on a single design.

Content Management System.

All our web design projects come with Content Management Systems (CMS) as standard. CMS programs simplify all the processes involved in managing your website. They help bridge the gap between the average user and the complex code; making it possible for you to make changes to your website without any coding experience.


eCommerce and online shops have recently begun to thrive in Nigeria. Secure online payment processors have come to play and everything seems to work now. Which is great!  We offer complete eCommerce solutions that cover everything you need right from domain registration all the way to website development.

Our eCommerce projects feature high level SSL encryption as standard to inspire visitor confidence when shopping and entering sensitive information like home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, debit card information. etc. on your website.

Domain Registrations.

Every website needs a domain name, and choosing the right one is an important decision. When you purchase a hosting package from us, you will probably want to register a domain name at the same time.

Registration API/Template system

StarbicDomains.com  advanced Registration API/template system gives you a direct connection to our back-end registration system and allows you to offer real-time domain registration services on your own.

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Our Domain Prices per year

.com – N5,300.00,  .net – N6,300.00,  .org – N6,300.00

Why We Are Different.

Starbic Online is one of a very few domain registration providers who are happy to offer a high level of customer support for domain registration services. Support is available 24×7 from our support team by telephone or email. When a domain name is so critical to your business, why risk leaving it in the hands of a faceless offshore call center?

1. Expand your potential customer base to the entire nation and the world.

Gone are the days when you’re limited to selling your product and services to people within your locality. Gone are the days when all you can have as customers were people who read your adverts in the newspaper. Today, anyone with Internet access is a potential customer whether he lives in Aba or New York.

2. Your website is your 24/7 customer care agent.

With a professional website, you can answer questions and explain the benefits of your products and services 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Your website is always on, so your potential customers don’t have to wait until office hours to call you. By browsing through your website, they can find out exactly what services and products you offer them. They can get answers to their questions from the FAQ section of your website. They can email you or get access to your phone numbers so they can call you for more information. With a professional website, potential customers can take a ‘complete’ tour of your business in your absence.

3. Present a professional image and become the expert.

If you run a small business that competes with larger businesses, having a website is probably one of the best business decisions you can ever make. A well-designed website is one way to instill confidence in your potential customers and make your small business look bigger than it actually is. A professional website increases your credibility. And your credibility, in turn, makes you the expert. People go online to seek out businesses that know their onions. A professional website positions you and your business as such.

4. Create an interactive environment for your customers.

Everybody wants to have a say. Your customers want to share ideas on how to get the best out of your products and services. They want to ask questions and get response. Your site can have a place for such comments and questions or even a feedback forum where you ask your customers what feature they would like to see added to your products and services. Your business would grow when you provide just what your customers want.

5. Keep your information up-to-date.

How does it feel spending thousands of Naira to print full-color brochures that become obsolete even before you finish distributing them? Awful, isn’t it? That’s because once you print and publish, you can’t easily update. A professional website is different. You can update content whenever you want and give your potential customers information that is up-to-date.

6. Sell your products and services while you sleep.

How good is that? You can make sales and have people order your products and services even while you gently snore away at night. Get a professional website and accept and process orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nothing feels as good as getting up in the morning to find out you made sales or received orders while you were sleeping.

7. Kill competition.

Business in today’s world is a civilized version of war. No matter your industry or company, there is always a battle-ready competitor who is busy strategizing how to kill beat you. In your life-or-death quest to keep your business on top of the competition, you must make an informed decision and take timely action. One such decision is to get a website. However, you don’t kill competition with just about any website. A targeted, good-looking and well optimized website is a competition killer.

8. Show you understand and use technology.

Would you rather do business with a bank that still operates like it’s in the 19th century or with a bank that’s 21st century compliant? Yes, I know you would say you’re not operating a bank. But the truth is, to remain competitive, you must show your potential customers that you understand and make use of technology. A website not only brings your company up to speed with other companies, but it shows that you’re not afraid of using technology to improve the quality of your service.

9. Reach out to those who normally wouldn’t reach out to you.

In today’s world, many first contacts are made online. Think about it, you probably first heard of Starbic Online on the Internet. And that’s because we reached out to you. In the same vein, people like you scan the web, and if your website is set up properly and optimized with the right content, you can pull in customers who weren’t even aware they needed your service. So get a professional website today and explain to them why they need you!

10. Learn more about your customer and make even more sales.

Do you know your ideal customer very well? I know you would be inclined to say something in the lines of, “Oh, I know them well. They’re mostly females between the ages of 25 and 40.” Honestly, that’s not a bad answer (but sadly, it’s also not a good one). You see, you actually need a little more detail about your potential customers. Details like why they purchase from you and what keeps them buying from you rather than from your competitors. With details such as these, you’re poised to serve them better and keep them coming back to you. No medium is better in capturing these details than with a survey or a feedback form on a professional website.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter how big your business is. Whether you’re a one-man show or a 100,000-staff corporate company, you’re losing business to your competitors if you don’t have a website.

However, there’s one exception to this rule. It is better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad. Remember, your website is your 24/7 customer care agent. It is your online image. If it looks bad, it is like telling your potential customers, “Look, our cleaner designed this awful site. May God help you find anything on it!”

If that’s not how you want to treat your business, then consult Starbic Online for a professional website design. Starbic Online is dedicated to helping small, medium and large-scale businesses as well as individuals to start and prosper from an online presence. Call us Today for your Website Designing and Development on 08037072909 or Email us at admin@starbiconline.com.

Scratch Card Printing

At Starbic Online Coy, we are experts in printing scratch cards. We can print short run campaigns starting from 10 to 200,000 scratch cards. We presently produce 60% of all the scratch card requirements in Nigeria, outside of the telecom recharge cards. We print and also encode the serial and pin numbers on the scratch cards and have come to be the standard to meet. We are the major manufacturers for over 15 higher institution within  Nigeria.


We believe in flexibility, so we encourage you to design the scratch cards that will work best for your promotion. Feel free to create your design knowing that we can customize the scratch off area, the card shape and provide personalized prize images in black or colour. We can also enhance your scratch cards with colour or black overprint.


Do you need to track your scratch cards campaign? We can personalize your cards with unique serial numbers, so you will know what prizes have been claimed and what remains. Our team are always happy to help. We will freely advise you regarding the technical aspects involved.

If you are not sure what design will work better for you? Our design service is available for your convenience.

With our custom scratch card printing every card can be a different prize. The artwork can be custom for both sides and will be printed full colour throughout.

All we need to know is what size scratch card you need to get printed, how many scratch cards in total and how many of each prize you need, we will do the rest.

cropped-vantage-logoList Your Business on Marketcity Classified

MarketCityClassified.com provides a Classified Listing of Business Names and Associated Goods and Services in Nigeria. We provide FREE listings and PAID listings. Contact our Customer Desk on (admin@marketcityclassified.com) today for more information! Let Millions of Online Shoppers / Buyers locate your Business on www.marketcityclassified.com



StarbicSMS.com is the simplest, fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to send customized Bulk Text messages to literally thousands of GSM and CDMA cell phones in Nigeria and Globally. If you already have an account with us, just enter in your login details using the Login form.

If you do not have an account with us, we will be delighted to have you as one of our customers. It’s easy, simply click Here and fill in the form.